Leapest Recruitment Privacy Policy


Leapest is a B2B technology enabled marketplace with an integrated learning delivery platform for the professional training industry. Leapest believes the excellence of the services provided by our platform is a consequence of the talented people that every day trust in Leapest project and do their best in order to watch Leapest succeed.

Leapest is continuously looking for new talents. If you believe you can be one of them, you should carefully read this document. Since the privacy of our job applicants matters to Leapest, we have published – in an easy and comprehensive way – the Recruitment Privacy Policy, in order to help you understand:

  • What personal data we collect about you
  • Why we collect and how we use your personal data during our recruitment and selection process
  • How long we keep your personal data
  • Your rights regarding the data we collect

Leapest Recruitment Privacy Policy may be modified from time to time to comply with applicable laws or to reflect updated business practices.

Purpose – When does the Recruitment Privacy Policy apply?

Leapest collects and processes applicants data from current open positions – gathered on our recruitment channels, on Leapest career website and from other sources such as spontaneous applications.

Personal information submitted by an applicant will only be used by Leapeast to support a responsible, effective and efficient recruitment and selection process. Leapest recruitment purposes include:

  • Assessing your application/data in order to understand if you match and fulfill the requirements of a specific open position at Leapest
  • Gathering market data around job profiles in order to analyse the recruitment market dynamics such as: number of applicants and job interest
  • Contacting applicants in order to schedule interviews and communicating Leapest recruitment and selection procedures
  • Contacting third party references provided by you to evaluate your previous performance and cultural fit

What types of personal data do we collect and process about you?

Leapest is committed to gather and process only information that is adequate, relevant and not excessive – data minimisation principle – relative to the specified purposes for which the applicant data is collected and processed.

Below, you find the information you might provide us directly:

Category of Personal Data Examples of data collected Why we collect/how we process this information
Personal identification data Name, surname, date of birth, place of birth; current and preferred country of employment; marital status; current VISA situation

Unique information about the applicants that allows Leapest to identify and distinguish one candidate from another.

Since Leapest – depending on the open position – is keen to sponsor an Highly Skilled Migrant VISA for non-EU applicants, the information is also relevant to understand if candidates meet the minimum requirements in order to move forward with the VISA application. In case the applicant is already in the country with a Highly Skilled Migrant VISA, information may be requested in order to understand its conditions.

Contact information Email, phone number, address Crucial information in order to get in contact with the applicant to schedule interviews; ask for more information; inform about the recruitment stages and procedures.
Qualifications, career development and ambitions Educational and employment background; competencies and skills/job qualifications; This category of data allows Leapest to assess and reach a decision related to whether the applicant meets the minimum requirements to fulfill the job vacancy.
Employment references Feedback regarding previous performances; personal traits/cultural fit in previous organizations Previous performances and behaviour tend to predict future performances and behaviours. When necessary, Leapest will use the information as an extra indicator to help decide if the applicant matches with the role requirements and culture of Leapest.
Other relevant information Notice period, salary expectations

In terms of the notice period, it is important in order to understand how quickly the applicant could start performing duties at Leapest in case of selection; and how much time Leapest would have to prepare his/her induction.

Information about the salary expectations gives an indication about the alignment between Leapest and the candidate.

Information we may  collect from other sources

In addition to our recruitment channels and/or Leapest career website, we might also obtain information about you from other sources, such as through your interactions with Leapest employees or from third parties, such as recruiters or other websites on the internet (subject to the third party’s privacy policies). For example, you may choose to provide us with access to certain data stored by third parties such as business- and employment-oriented social media websites.  We may also access that information when it is available to the public.


How do we collect, store and process your personal data?

The most common way of collecting your personal data is when you submit an application for a position at Leapest.

Most personal data is collected through the application form which may include a résumé, a motivation letter, and link to an online professional profile. Your personal data is also clarified and new information may  be gathered during interviews, in case you are selected for that stage. Important to note that all the systems/entities/service providers involved in the collection, storage and processing of your personal data are GDPR compliant.

Leapest is an organisation that values each candidate who shows interest in working with us  and recognizes decision-making is one of our differentiating factors. For that reason, our recruitment process does not rely on automated decision-making systems for the selection of applicants. Every application is carefully reviewed by the recruitment team and decisions about pursuing or not with the applications are collaboratively discussed and taken.

Who has access to your personal data?

When you apply for a position at Leapest, your data will be made available internally for the recruitment team and the employees within Leapest who are directly involved in the recruitment process for that particular position.

During the recruitment process, in particular situations, Leapest might need to disclose your personal data to the following entities:

  • Professional advisors: we may share your personal data with professional advisors, such as a consultancy firm in order to get advice regarding, for example, VISA applications or current VISA situation; 30%-ruling application.
  • Public and Governmental Authorities: when required by law or as necessary to protect our rights, we may share your personal data to entities that regulate or have jurisdiction over Leapest

Prior to disclosing any information to any third party, Leapest will ensure that all third party entities are bound to strict standards of security.


How long do we keep your personal data?

After Leapest receives your data, through an application form or other channel, Leapest will keep it for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it has been collected and we may retain and use your data to consider you for other positions.

The criteria used to determine our retention periods include:

  • How long is the data needed to provide you with a job offer?
  • Are Leapest considering you for other positions?
  • Are Leapest subject to a legal, contractual, or similar obligation to retain the data? (e.g. mandatory data retention laws in the applicable jurisdiction, government orders to preserve data relevant to an investigation)

If you do not want to be considered for other positions or would like to have your data removed, contact careers@leapest.com.

How do we secure your data?

To protect your data, we take measures that are consistent with applicable privacy and data security laws and regulations, including requiring our service providers to use appropriated measures to protect the confidentiality and security of your personal data. Leapest put in place technical and organizational measures to prevent risks such as destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure of, or access to your data.

What are your rights?

Leapest is committed to provide you with access to your data.

Accordingly with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to review; correct; modify; delete; object; and, receive a copy (in a digital format) of your personal data. Any of these requests must be made via careers@leapest.com. Leapest will process your request within 28 days.

Please note, Leapest only has the obligation to correct your data when the data is factually inaccurate or incomplete to the purpose for which Leapest processes the data.