Public transport: The “OV-chipkaart”

The OV-chipkaart is the card that will allow you to use the public transports in the Netherlands – trains, buses, trams. There are two types of OV-chipkaart:


Personal OV-chipkaart

It is a card with your photograph that contains information on the amount of credit it still has on it, and whether you have a right to certain reductions, and on whether you are travelling on the basis of a public transportation ‘subscription’ or pass.

To apply to a personal ov-chipkaart visit The card costs 7.50 € and is valid for five years. To apply for the card you will need to have the following:

  • Digital photo
  • Dutch bank account
  • Dutch address
  • Dutch mobile number

If you are thinking to add a subscription to your ov-chipkaart, you can order the card and the subscription at the same time on In that case, you will receive the card for free

Anonymous OV-chipkaart

Does not have your photograph and is issued without the option of an automatic ‘refill’ or the use of subscription or reductions.

It is a perfect option if you are thinking to use public transports occasionally. If your family/friends are visiting you, this card is also a good option for them.

You can get the anonymous ov-chipkaart at the service counters and newsagents and the cost is 7.50€ and is valid for five years.

As the card is anonymous, different people can use it in different times.