General practitioner (GP)

The GP plays a key role in the Dutch Healthcare system. The GP will be your point of contact with all the medical institutions you may need to visit. For that reason, you must:


Search and register in a GP

As soon you know where you will be living, you should start searching for a GP in your neighborhood. The following may help you find a GP:

  • Contact your health insurer: they will have a list of GPs covered by the insurance you chose.
  • Search in the internet: is one of the websites that will allow you to search for a GP in your area. You just need to fill in your postcode and you will be able to see the closest GP from your address. Before register, do not forget to check with your health insurer if the GP you are planning to choose is covered by your health insurance.
  • Ask your neighbors or HR

After choosing a GP, you have to contact them via email or phone in order to proceed with the registration.

The GP should be the first person you call for all medical problems, with the exception of emergencies (call 112). You will always need to call to book an appointment.

If your GP thinks you need more specialized expertise (or if you think you do), he/she will refer you to a specialist. You always need a referral notice from your GP in order your to see a specialist. Your health insurer will be able to cover the expenses related with your visit to the specialist, but just if you present a copy of the referral notice.


Note: It is possible to see a specialist without a referral. Nevertheless, it might be more difficult to schedule an appointment and you might need to cover the costs yourself.

What happens if my GP is not available? What shall I do if I want to contact my GP outside office hours?

The best option is get in touch with the Regionale Huisartsenpost, which is staffed by GPs on call. All you need to do is call one central number. The phone will be answered by a doctor’s assistant or a GP, and together you can determine if you need to see a doctor. In that case, you will need to visit the Huisartsenpost or, if this is not possible, a doctor will visit you.

There are four Huisartsenpost in Rotterdam (



Opening hours

Phone number


Huisartsenpost Ruwaard

Working days: 17:00 – 08:00.

Weekends: Open until Monday morning at 8:00

0181 – 62 70 55

Ruwaard van Puttenweg 5003201 GZ Spijkenisse

Huisartsenpost Rotterdam Zuid

010 – 290 98 88

Maasstadweg 593079 DZ Rotterdam

Huisartsenpost St. Franciscus Gasthuis

j010 – 466 95 73

Kleiweg 5003045 PM Rotterdam

Huisartsenpost IJsselland

010 – 279 92 62

Prince Constantijnweg 22906 ZC Capelle a / d IJssel